Friday, October 6, 2017

Have you faced adversity?

Hello again!

As I sat down to write this morning, I realized it has been months since my last post. Some have wondered if that was an "ominous sign" and were worried the cancer was back, but I'm happy to report I am well and have been keeping myself more than busy.

The biggest news is, as of October 3, 2017, I have been officially cancer-free for 4-years! Statistically, I shouldn't still be here, but I have much to do in my mission to bless and encourage others as they face or recover from their own life-challenging situations.

Over these past few months, I've been teaching my seminars, traveling extensively in the US and Europe as well as working on my upcoming book about facing adversity, Run Through the Fire. The research phase for my book has been beyond inspiring as I have been speaking with others who have gone through their own hardships, emerging better people on the other side.

As I write, I don't want to just tell you about my story and what tools I used to remain positive during my experiences, but I want to learn from you as well. If you have gone through adversity of some type, I would mean a lot to me have you lend me your insights. To help me in this process, please download my adversity questionnaire here.

In celebration of my 48-month milestone, I made a short video to share just a little of what I have been learning. In case you're wondering why there is a black strap over my left shoulder, I am recovering from a major shoulder and biceps repair surgery. It seems my pre-cancer-super-human-strength hasn't just yet. I attempted to catch a 125lb window-mount air conditioner with my right arm as it fell due to a faulty "heavy-duty" mount bracket failure. Let's just say typing isn't as easy with an arm sling in place. ;-)


Very Truly Yours,
Robert B. Haase
A Blessed Man